Solidarity action: Free FFP2 masks

Solidarity action: Free FFP2 masks

Recently, the availability of FFP2 masks has been a political issue. These masks filter aerosols and thus offer significantly better protection against coronavirus infections than paper or fabric masks. Both for the wearer and for the people around them. Unfortunately, in the distribution of these potentially life-saving masks, capitalism is once again showing its ugly side. First it was said that recipients of unemployment benefits (ALG 2) and basic income support will not get a subsidy for the purchase of these masks. Now it is instead of money, they will receive a voucher for FFP2 masks. However, these coupons have not yet been sent out. More so, the purchase with ration coupon is a humiliating experience, since unemployed persons are still massively stigmatized.

We thought that there must be a solution based on solidarity for the distribution of vital medical goods, away from capitalist profit interests and the command bureaucracy of the Hartz regime.

To this end, we got hundreds of masks that you can pick up free of charge and if you can afford it, leave a donation. The suggested donation is 1.50 per mask (but you can give less), which will cover our expenses. If you give more, it will fund a mask for someone else. Any surplus will be used to donate masks to the Association for Aid to the Affected.

The masks can be picked up here:

ACS Copy Service
Rathausgasse 36

Buchladen LeSabot
Breite Straße 76

Black Veg
Adolfstraße 43

Solidarity against Corona, the State and Capitalism.



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