Protest in solidarity with the strikers at the University Hospital Bonn!

It’s enough, we need change!

We call for a protest in solidarity with the strikers at the University Hospital Bonn on November 16 at 5:30 PM!
For a better staffing ratio in nursing, for better pay for nurses, for a health care system that focuses on the health of patients instead of profits and against further privatization!

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The FAU Bonn shows solidarity with the striking colleagues of the University Hospital Bonn

Dear colleagues,

The General Syndicate of the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Bonn expresses its solidarity with you and your labor struggle. We wish you every success in your strike.

The conditions in the care sector have been critical for a long time. The fact that there have been no improvements even after the stresses and strains of the last few years is unacceptable. It is good that you are taking the step of fighting for appropriate wages. We especially admire that you also stand up for the colleagues who are blackmailable by the bosses because of their residence status.

We hope that your strike will be an inspiration for all nursing workers in the region and that this will be the beginning of a broad-based struggle for a decent health care system.

Greetings in solidarity, your FAU Bonn

Bonn: Agreement in the wage dispute of workers from the Bornheim “asparagus strike”

An out-of-court settlement has been reached in the dispute over back wages for over a hundred Romanian seasonal workers of the insolvent Ritter asparagus estate. This is what the grassroot union Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Bonn was able to find out on request The agreement was reached between the legal representation of the seasonal workers, the lawyers Harald Klinke and Stefan Hübner, and the insolvency administration of Klaus & Sabine Ritter GbR, the law firm Schulte-Beckhausen & Bühs. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the content of the agreement. However, since negotiations on owed wages were ranging at around 100,000 Euros in July 2020 already, it can be assumed that the final settlement was not lower than the amount in dispute at that time.


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Solidarity action: Free FFP2 masks

Solidarity action: Free FFP2 masks

Recently, the availability of FFP2 masks has been a political issue. These masks filter aerosols and thus offer significantly better protection against coronavirus infections than paper or fabric masks. Both for the wearer and for the people around them. Unfortunately, in the distribution of these potentially life-saving masks, capitalism is once again showing its ugly side. First it was said that recipients of unemployment benefits (ALG 2) and basic income support will not get a subsidy for the purchase of these masks. Now it is instead of money, they will receive a voucher for FFP2 masks. However, these coupons have not yet been sent out. More so, the purchase with ration coupon is a humiliating experience, since unemployed persons are still massively stigmatized.

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#UnitedAgainstTheDragon: Workers finally get paid!

International Solidarity Wins Victory in Bangladesh Workers’ Struggle

After nine months of protests and direct actions, such as the blockade of the Ministry of Labor and the siege of the company’s headquarters, accompanied by an international campaign, the textile workers of the Dragon Sweater Group have finally won back their salaries. A more detailed article can be found here.

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Strike in Bornheim – what was it good for?

On Friday, May 15, 2020, roughly 200 harvest workers working on the farm Spargel & Erdbeerhof Ritter in Bornheim near Bonn went on strike. The insolvent company managed by law firm Schulte-Beckhausen had decided to throw the mostly Romanian workers out and to cast them out of their lodgings in the next few days. We have been accompanying, supporting and organizing on site since day one.

The last workers left Bornheim a week after we arrived. Our work on the strike in Bornheim is far from over. Nevertheless, we would like to put on record what we have achieved:

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Strike in Bornheim: Last workers leave

A good week of sweat, tears, cheers and frustration is drawing to a close. The last workers leave – whether to Romania or to new jobs. The promises made by the Romanian consulate to take care of job placement and homeward journeys were met only rudimentarily. The FAU, on the other hand, remained active and in solidarity, finding new jobs and travel opportunities together with numerous supporters and in constant consultation with the workers. We stay in touch to support the individual solutions.

On the one hand, there is now a long, intensive phase of legal processes surrounding wage claims. We are happy about the active support from our lawyers, who have already faced major challenges in the past few days and have been confronted with unforeseeable situations.

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Press Release: Spargel Ritter in Bornheim – Illegal eviction threatens!

Since 15 May 2020, part of the workforce of Claus und Sabine Ritter GbR in Bornheim has been on strike over the payment of wages to which they are entitled. After six days of strike and a wage payment for some of the Romanian workers, the Romanian Minister of Labour announced on 20 May during a visit on site that she had agreed on a three-point programme with the responsible insolvency administrator Schulte-Beckhausen. This includes the payment of all outstanding wage claims, the organisation of the return journey of workers at the expense of the Romanian government and the placement of workers on other farms with the help of the farmers’ association. Continue reading “Press Release: Spargel Ritter in Bornheim – Illegal eviction threatens!”

“And they charged us for accommodation!”

(See also the video on Youtube.)

The harvesters of the Asparagus and Strawberry Farm Ritter have been accommodated behind the fence of a container facility on the street “Am Ühlchen” in Bornheim for several years. These two-storey blocks of flats each consist of about 30 bedrooms, a few shower and toilet units, a storage room and a washing and drying room. Three such blocks are located on the site, wedged between a railway line and a water treatment plant. Continue reading ““And they charged us for accommodation!””