Open meeting

On first and third Thursday of the month at 20:00 o’clock our open meeting takes place in the book shop Le Sabot. You will find the Le Sabot in the Breite Str. 76, 53111 Bonn

At the open meeting you will have the opportunity to get a picture of us in our usual working atmosphere, whether you want to get actively involved or just watch is up to you.
You are also welcome to bring in your own questions and/or topics that interest you, where you would like to hear our opinions or where you would like our support.

“Pub night”

Every second Wednesday of the month in the Hofgarten, from 19:00.
The pub evening does not take place at the moment.

Cosy get-together to get to know each other and to switch off from work, everyday life or university stress. As long as a meeting in the old VHS is not yet possible again, we will move to the Hofgarten in good weather. If it is pouring like a bucket and meetings outside are not possible due to the weather, the meeting will unfortunately have to be cancelled. Of course we hope that we will soon return to the Alte VHS and that we will be able to organize the pub evening there with small lectures and film presentations. Come by and bring your colleagues!

Consultation hours for mentally stressful situations at work

Employee consultation hours for mentally stressful situations at work. In the consultation hour we have an open ear for your problems and needs. In cooperation with the Awarenessnetzwerk Bonn.

To arrange a meeting, write an email (sprechstunde-bonn[ätt] or contact us by phone (0157 1010 8982). Both email and telephone are used exclusively by the consulting team.